Who said it wouldn't last?

As Marilyn herself tweeted, who said it wouldn't last? This week has marked a year since I began writing for Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog.To celebrate the event, I wrote a post on Wednesday re-visiting some of the highlights of my year there.

My other efforts this week include:

Vilified for going to court - In which I suggest that the government, in its eagerness to save costs, appears to be encouraging a culture of vilification of those who go to court to resolve their family disputes.

Some common sense about transparency - Looking at the report Safeguarding, Privacy and Respect for Children and Young People & The Next Steps in Media Access to Family Courts.

Important cases: Haines v Hill & Another - A look at the bankruptcy case Haines v Hill.

After all of that I shall now award myself the next two days off. I suggest you do likewise.