Christmas single released by Kids in the Middle charity as nearly one in two children in the UK now live in separated families

- Recent report published by family lawyers group on the devastating effects of divorce on young people
- Recent Government report finds that children’s voices are not being heard
- Kids in the Middle, launched in September 2014, to give a voice to children and young people in separating families
- ‘Christmas at my mum’s house’ composed by Yuval Havkin, written by Kate Ingmer and sung by Asha Banks (11 years old)

A Christmas song has been released called Christmas at My Mum’s House which draws attention to the nearly 1 in 2 children in the UK who now live in separated families.

Composed by Yuval Havkin, written by Kate Ingmer and sung by 11-year-old west end performer Asha Banks, the song highlights how difficult Christmas can be for children whose parents have split up, and how they can feel torn emotionally between the two and responsible for the happiness of each parent.

Two recent reports have been published that reveal the effects of divorce on the UK’s young people:
· In November the association of family lawyers and mediators, Resolution, published a report on the experiences of children in separating families, widely reported in the media. Each year over 100,000 under 16s experience family separation and the report links the experience to poor exam results, drug and alcohol misuse and eating disorders.

· The Government has set up a “Voice of the Child” working group following a Government commissioned report showing that children are easily marginalized during family separation. The report states that children and young people have a right to have their voices heard and very much want to be heard – but there is a culture that tends to exclude them.
Duncan Fisher, from Kids in the Middle, says, “The proportion of 16 years olds who have experienced the separation of their parents is heading for nearly one in two. Three on-line services to help these young people have closed down in recent years.

“We are releasing this single to raise awareness of all the work that is going on to listen to children and young people more and to ensure that there is great on-line information and support for anyone reaching out for some help.

“This time of year can be particularly difficult for children of separated families, as they struggle with many different emotions, and Yuval’s beautiful song communicates these feelings, while capturing the spirit of Christmas.

“We are launching a competition for young people to write, record, film and draw the story from the point of view of the kid in the middle. This song expresses this voice with a beautiful melody and will hopefully shine a light on this issue this Christmas time.”

The song is available online, and is in aid of the charity, which was originally set up through the fundraising efforts of a number of teenagers and family lawyers and mediators.

The charity provides advice and reassurance to children and young people from young people who have been through the experience, and links to a wide choice of support services for young people.

The song is available to download from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.