New by me this week (or so) on the Stowe Family Law Blog

My posts this week on the Stowe Family Law Blog included:

2018: The year we looked to the future - Looking back, and forward.

It doesn’t matter whether ‘Divorce Day’ is a thing or not - Including my three top tips for getting through your Divorce Day.

Contemptuous approach does not go well for husband - In Quan v Bray & Ors.

The myth that there is no ‘law’ in family law - As suggested in certain quarters.

Is 455 divorce petitions in a week a lot? - Looking at the figures for the online divorce service.

Father ordered to return child to Sudan despite wishes of child - The case AH v AMH F (Summary return of child to Sudan).

Father liable for cost of child conceived without his permission - The unusual case ARB v IVF Hammersmith & Anor.

Have a good weekend.