Got something to say about family law? Say it here!

Photo by Juliana Romão on Unsplash

Many people have something to say about the family justice system, be they the professionals involved in it, litigants caught up in it, or just someone affected by its decisions. Or perhaps they have no direct experience of the system, but have studied it from outside.

In fact, it sometimes seems that it's impossible to have anything to do with the family justice system without coming away with very strong views on it, good or bad.

Do you have something to say about the system? If so, would you like to get your message to a bigger audience? Well, here is your chance. I am prepared to publish your post here, getting it out to potentially thousands of readers.

Your post can be about anything related to the family justice system, no matter how critical, and no matter whether I agree with its contents. It can, for example, be about how the system deals with disputes over arrangements for children, how it sorts out finances on divorce, how it deals with child maintenance, how you believe it to be biased, or even how it removes children from parents.

Any post must follow a few basic rules:
  • The contents must be wholly relevant to family law.
  • It must not include content that is, or may be, defamatory.
  • It must not breach court reporting rules.
  • Parties to any proceedings should not be named, even if this is allowed by the rules.
  • It must not contain derogatory, abusive or threatening language.
  • It must not contain advertisements (including links to any commercial websites), or be written to promote any commercial venture.
  • It must be no longer than 1000 words.
Obviously, whether a post is accepted for publication is entirely my decision but, as indicated above, I will not refuse a post simply because I do not agree with its contents (any published post will indicate that it is not my work). If I believe a post should be amended, I will try to agree the amendment(s) with the writer.

If you would like to have your post published here, get in touch with me via the Contact Me form in the sidebar on the left (if the sidebar is not visible click/tap the ≡ symbol to the left of the blog title at the top of the page). I will respond if I believe the post may be suitable for publication.