News Essentials: 21st November 2020

A brief
summary of the essential family law news and cases from the last week: 


Directors of Children’s Services comment on mothers visiting babies in care
Statement by Jenny Coles, the President of the Association of Directors of Children's Services. Full story: Family Law Week.

Cafcass Prioritisation Protocol
The Association of Lawyers for Children has been contacted by Jacky Tiotto, CEO of Cafcass, to advise it that Cafcass is close to triggering the use of its prioritisation protocol in the region that includes South Yorkshire and Humberside. Full story: Family Law Week.

Sir Andrew McFarlane: View from The President’s Chambers, November 2020
The President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has issued his latest edition of A View from the President’s Chambers. Full story: Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.

Funding boost for rape and domestic abuse support
Ministers have today (18 November 2020) confirmed a major funding boost for victims of rape and domestic abuse as services face dealing with greater demand this winter. Full story: Ministry of Justice.

Divorces in England and Wales: 2019
Annual divorce numbers and rates, by duration of marriage, sex, age, previous marital status, and to whom granted and reason. Full story: ONS.

Trans man loses UK legal battle to register as his child's father
Freddy McConnell says he will apply to the European court of human rights to hear the case. Full story: The Guardian.

Court corrects gaffe which allowed ex-husband to stop payments
A court has permitted the correction of an order which accidentally allowed a husband to stop making payments to his ex-wife. Full story: Law Society Gazette.

Children and Families Across Borders launches International Kinship Care Guide
Children and Families Across Borders – in collaboration with others, is launching a guide on international kinship care placements and minimising breakdown when looked after children are placed with family overseas. Full story: Family Law Week.

Shock new figures fuel fears of more lockdown domestic abuse killings in UK
Calls to advice hotlines soar as abusers turn to latest technology to intimidate and control partners. Full story: The Observer.

New private law cases received by Cafcass in October slightly lower than 2019
Cafcass received a total of 4,222 new private law cases (involving 6,467 children) in October 2020 – 1.4 per cent (or 62 cases) lower than the same month last year. Full story: Family Law Week.

New public law cases received by Cafcass fell by 3 per cent in October
Cafcass received a total of 1,569 new public law applications (involving 2,447 children) in October – 58 applications (3.6 per cent) fewer than in the same month last year. Full story: Family Law Week.


Lancashire County Council v G (No 2) (Continuing Unavailability of Secure Accommodation) (Rev 1) [2020] EWHC 3124 (Fam) (20 November 2020)
Further judgment in deprivation of liberty and secure placement applications in relation to 16 year-old girl, where only unregistered placement available. Full report: Bailii.

MG v AG (Appeal out of time: Relief from sanctions) [2020] EWFC B49 (17 November 2020)
Application by husband for permission to appeal out of time against financial remedies order handed down on 27 July 2018. Application dismissed. Full report: Bailii.

MT v VA (Second Application: Legal Services Provision order) [2020] EWHC 3087 (Fam) (22 October 2020)
Second application by husband in financial remedy proceedings for a legal services payment order. Full report: Bailii.

A Local Authority v X & Ors [2020] EWFC 36 (01 May 2020)
Application for care order in respect of 6 year old child. Full report: Bailii.

H v An Adoption Agency (Declaration of Parentage Following Adoption) [2020] EWFC 74 (18 November 2020)
Application by birth parent for declaration of parentage in relation to adopted child. Full report: Bailii.

J (Care Proceedings: Placement in Bangladesh), Re [2020] EWHC 490 (Fam) (05 March 2020)
Care proceedings concerning 3 year old child of Bangladeshi heritage. Child placed with paternal aunt in Bangladesh. Full report: Bailii.

Moutreuil v Andreewitch & Anor (Contempt: Sentence) [2020] EWHC 3085 (Fam) (16 November 2020)
Sentencing hearing following earlier findings that the respondent had breached a freezing injunction. Full report: Bailii.

CB v EB [2020] EWFC 72 (16 November 2020)
Application by husband to set aside two consent orders made in 2010 and 2013. Held that the court had no lawful power to grant him the relief that he sought. Full report: Bailii.