£1 million voucher scheme helps separating parents avoid ‘fire and brimstone’ of family court

England and Wales’ largest provider of family mediation has welcomed a £1 million government investment aimed at keeping separating parents away from court. 


£500 is being made available for separating families with children, to go towards the cost of using accredited family mediation services. The voucher scheme is designed to support those who may be able to resolve their disputes out of court. 


Jane Robey, CEO of National Family Mediation, says: 


“This will enable thousands of separating couples make parenting arrangements well away from the fire and brimstone of the family court. 


“Family mediation is a process where a trained mediator helps families work out future arrangements for parenting and finance, usually in cases where a couple is splitting up. 


“It is quicker and much less stressful than taking the issues to a family court. It’s also a much cheaper way to make vital settlements. For those set to benefit from the government voucher scheme, the cost will tumble further. 


“Mediation helps you stay in control of decisions affecting your family, rather than handing those decisions to judges.”