Empower your website with client-focused blogging

Image: Public Domain, via Piqsels

The value of a blog on a law firm's website is well known. A good blog can attract new clients and inform existing ones. If regularly updated it also ensures that the site has fresh content, rather than being static and stale.

Oh, and did I mention that it helps with search engine optimisation, the holy grail of web presence?

But a law firm blog isn't all positives. In particular, regularly maintaining a blog can be difficult for busy family lawyers.

And that is where I can help. I offer writing services to anyone wanting family law-related content, be they a law firm, or any other organisation, for that matter.

As I explain here, I can write any type of blog content. But I have noticed recently that there is increasingly a demand for what is often referred to as 'client-focused' content, i.e. content not just aimed at clients, but that provides them with useful information.

Client-focused content often involves the answering of a question that a client might commonly ask, such as 'How long does a divorce take?' or 'How can I enforce a financial order?' The obvious idea is that such posts are both informative and likely to attract new business.

I can certainly provide client-focused posts for law firm blogs, and have done so often. In fact, I have collated a list of client-focused post topics, that now exceeds one hundred post ideas. Of course, if you have your own ideas, I can create posts using them.

So why not empower your website with a bit of client-focused blogging?

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