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VV v VV: The folly of love

Image: Public Domain, via Piqsels "I can't imagine a future without you." So said the husband in the memorably-named VV v VV , in a Valentine's Day card to the wife.  I suspect he now spends his days desperately trying to imagine a future he could have had but for her. It is a tragic tale of the folly of love: fifty-something divorcee falls for glamorous creative free spirit, and wants to make a life with her (to slightly twist the words of Mr Justice Peel, hearing the case). He buys her an expensive engagement ring, and soon they are married. Sadly, his dreams quickly turn to dust, as is so often the way, leaving him broken (possibly), wiser (probably), and poorer (definitely). Mr Justice Peel's judgment begins ominously: "The parties were married for no more than about 5 months, and have no children. They are both in their fifties. Such cases should be easy to resolve. Not so here; the parties have litigated bitterly, at enormous cost [over £600,000 each] a

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