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Advertising opportunities on Family Lore

Image: Public Domain, via Piqsels A quick reminder that Family Lore offers excellent advertising opportunities for anyone with a product or service that may be of interest to readers of this blog, be they family law professionals or members of the public seeking family law information.  For a very modest outlay you can have access to a readership that has totalled around 3.25 million page views, peaking at nearly 50,000 in one month, and currently averaging about 1000 a day. Examples of the type of advertising I have taken include: Sidebar picture/link adverts - The 'traditional' web advertising, comprising images (including animated gifs), with links, or simply text links. All links are 'dofollow'. The adverts will appear on the sidebar on the left of the blog. Sponsored (guest) posts - Posts written by the advertiser, containing whatever links they require. Please note that the content of the post should be something that I consider may be of interest to readers o

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