A unique sponsorship opportunity

I have decided to offer the opportunity to sponsor News Essentials, my weekly family law news and cases update.

The sponsor will have a link to their website in every News Essentials post and, as indicated above, will have their name and, if they wish, their logo appear on the News Essentials graphic.

So why should anyone be interested in this?

Well, I believe that the sponsorship will both attract more visitors to the sponsor's website, and promote their brand.

Each News Essentials post currently attracts up to 1500 page views. An annual sponsorship therefore has the potential to attract some 75,000 page views over a year. That's 75,000 times people will see your brand and your website address.

But it doesn't stop there. Links to each News Essentials post are tweeted both on my personal Twitter feed, which has some 2,200 followers, and my Family Law News Twitter feed, which currently has some 13,400 followers. The abovementioned graphic, complete with the sponsors name and/or logo, will appear on those tweets, giving, I would submit, substantial exposure to the sponsor's brand. 

As will probably be obvious from the above, this offer is available to one sponsor only. So a unique and exclusive opportunity - first come, first served!

Anyone interested in taking up this offer, or seeking further information, should get in touch via the Contact Me form in the sidebar on the left (if the sidebar is not visible click/tap the ≡ symbol to the left of the blog title at the top of the page).