News Essentials: 5th February 2022

A brief summary of the essential family law news and cases from the last week: 


Notice from the Financial Remedies Court: D81
The new Form D81 (Statement of information for a consent order in relation to a financial remedy) has been published by the Government’s assets publishing service. Full story: Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.

Divorces in England and Wales: 2020
Annual divorce numbers and rates, by duration of marriage, sex and to whom granted and reason. Full story: ONS.

Notice from the Financial Remedies Court
Note on the correct use of ES2, with an attached example. Full story: Courts and Tribunals Judiciary.

Domestic abuse: average of 669 child protection referrals a day last year
Number of referrals to social services in England and Wales rises by 8% as NSPCC tells ministers to ensure victims get support. Full story: The Guardian.

Court rejects 'ring of deceit' allegation against top divorce firm
The High Court has rejected a man's allegations of a ‘ring of deceit’ involving a law firm acting for his ex-wife in a divorce case and ordered that he immediately pay expert costs. Full story: Law Society Gazette.

The Child Maintenance Service must improve, says Gingerbread
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Single Parent Families has met to discuss how the Child Maintenance Service must be improved for the benefit of children of single parent families across the country. Full story: Family Law Week.

10,000 people have received one-to-one legal support as result of Litigants in Person Grant
A new report from the Ministry of Justice provides an interim update on progress made by the Legal Support for Litigants in Person Grant. Full story: Family Law Week.


K and L (children: care proceedings) Part 2 [2022] EWFC B10 (11 January 2022)
Final hearing of care proceedings relating to 2 children, involving the forced marriage of the older child. Full report: Bailii.

A & B, Re (Parental Alienation by the Non-Resident Parent) [2022] EWFC B8 (14 January 2022)
Care proceedings, issued due to concerns over children who had been drawn into dispute between parents, including findings of parental alienation against father. Full report: Bailii.

Bailey v Bailey (Committal) [2022] EWFC 5 (04 February 2022)
Committal applications brought by W against H and others for alleged breaches of a financial remedy order and against H for alleged breach of a passport order. Full report: Bailii.

S (A Child) (1980 Hague Convention Stranding) [2022] EWHC 214 (Fam) (01 February 2022)
Applications by mother relating to return of child, who was removed from Portugal to UK, and then taken to Pakistan. Full report: Bailii.

Aylward-Davies v Chesterman & Anor [2022] EWFC 4 (04 February 2022)
Application seeking a declaration that man who died in 2008 is the applicant's father. Declaration made. Full report: Bailii.

X, Y and Z, Re (Children: Parental Orders: Time Limit) [2022] EWHC 198 (Fam) (02 February 2022)
Applications for parental orders in relation to 3 children born as a consequence of surrogacy arrangements, made outside the six-month time limit. Orders approved. Full report: Bailii.

A, B and C (Children: Nesting Arrangement) [2022] EWCA Civ 68 (03 February 2022)
Appeal by F from interim child arrangements order varying existing 'nesting arrangement'. Appeal dismissed. Full report: Bailii. See also my note, here.

H-N (the rehearing) [2021] EWFC B98 (05 October 2021)
Rehearing of fact-finding in child arrangements proceedings, regarding allegations of domestic abuse against father. Full report: Bailii.

A City Council v Mother [2021] EWHC 3375 (Fam) (08 December 2021)
Application by LA for care order in respect of 13 year old child, and by mother for an injunction preventing the LA from consulting with the Father about any issues concerning the child. Full report: Bailii.

GCC (A child: Adoption with contact) [2021] EWFC B97 (9 December 2021)
Care and placement proceedings, in which it was agreed that if a placement order was made there would be direct contact once a year for both parents and indirect contact twice a year. Full report: Bailii.

PAVLOVI v. BULGARIA - 72059/16 (Judgment : Article 8 - Right to respect for private and family life : Fourth Section Committee) [2022] ECHR 108 (01 February 2022)
Application complaining of a violation of Article 8 as a result of the authorities’ failure, since 2013, to ensure compliance with decisions on contact rights. Full report: Bailii.

NP v DP (Hague Convention; abducting parent refusing to return) [2021] EWHC 3626 (Fam) (17 November 2021)
Application by F for summary return of child to USA. M's Art 13(b) defence established, on basis that return would expose child to grave psychological harm of separation from M, who would not return with him. Full report: Bailii.

Randhawa v Randhawa (Divorce: Decree Absolute, Set Aside, Forgery) [2022] EWFC B7 (26 January 2022)
Application by wife to set aside decree of divorce for forgery. Full report: Bailii. See also my post, here.